Do conservatives think women are clueless?

Over on Have Children or Not, Beth asks whose 'fault' is it that women have delayed having children?
She quotes an article that essentially blames feminism for giving women
so many choices that they don't think about having kids until it is too
late. My first thought was, "Who could possibly believe any woman could
'forget' to have kids?" Even as someone who is pretty darn sure that I
don't want kids, I still sometimes worry that I might wake up one day
and suddenly realize I really do want kids and what if that
happens when it's 'too late'? The fact that I can't shake that
possibility from my head is what keeps me from saying I'll never
have kids. And I just can't believe there are very many single women
who don't have similar thoughts - it's simply too deeply ingrained in
our society that as women, we are supposed to want kids so it's
virtually impossible to make the opposite decision without giving it
some serious thought.


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