Do I even know what I am doing?


I feel I may have deceived you a bit because I really have no clue what I am doing now. 

No, seriously its great that XYZ company wants to send me clothes to take pictures of and blog about. Yes, its fabulous I am now on the media list for the other XYZ company. 

Honestly, I still just tweet what I like to tweet about, what I find relavent to me. My blog posts are the most bland items since vanilla was found to be so common. 

Yes, I like that companies safety item and that other company has a great health product I use but do I have to blog about it? Do I want to blog about it? Why can't I just beat out a 500 word post about the most amazing fantastic foot deordorizer in this millenia ? 

I love love Pandora and the Beach Bar Lounge Radio but blog about it ? Nah, I will just tweet the shit out about it while I sip some Eppa Sangria.

Wait? Did I just mention a sponsor? I just like drinking sangria and listening to Pandora on a Saturday afternoon after I kicked my butt over at Retro Fitness Gym. 

Damn, I did it again. So do I just casually mention I take the bus in my tweets or do I mention the bus drivers badge number too? Does that mean the County of Santa Clara will pay me for retweets? 

See, I don't even know what I should do when I do want to promote something and then when I pinterest, blog, plus and tweet it till I am blue in the face did I have to get their permission before hand or can I just credit them with great customer service. 

How do I do this again ? There is this long forty page Terms of Agreement thing I read and then I went forgot all about it as I typed away about wineries I saw at the Watsonville Berries and Bottles event. 

Darn it! I keep doing that! 

Yes, I live this amazing single woman life where I go from home to the beach to a boat to a seaside town and my toes turned green. 

No, really the water was green but how do I talk about that and lucious hair products? 

Ok, I will admit this much I am going to make mistakes I may have to pay a lot for images but its not like there is a book out there with a step by step guide ...oh wait there is blogher blogging section and that will do just fine thank you. 

Back to your regular scheduled programing.

Patricia Appelquist 

Best Wishes Always 

(editorial note : there is no sponsors for this post sincerely )

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