Do I Need A Website for my Small Business? Many Don't Work! Here is Why

This is a recent question  on LinkedIn provoked a lot of feedback...but make no mistake about it.. today it is an absolute necessity for all businesses, bar none. It is the new means of finding you and checking you out. Never before was there a better opportunity to reach more of your market place...but more importantly getting them to find you, then now,with websites and social media.  Business' websites may not be producing results because it is likely because they haven't implemented an action based strategy or positioned themselves with the site.  Granted this is is a huge learning curve for most for a website let alone including strategy and positioning.  Without the strategy, it is like putting a square wheel on a will function but not necessarily get you anywhere, or get you there at a crawl..with maybe a little damage along the way (loss of customers or prospects).  Strategy and positioning produces the ROI on a website. Hope this helps.


PS  Most web designers are masters at the technology  and designing the websites, but may not have the skills to help steer you and your strategy.  Expect to hire this person separately..but it should pay off.


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