Do I really need human conection??

I do not think that I need to have friends. I am just fine without having to deal without human contact. I am a Christian; because of this I have God. God can be everything I need, when I need it. It is almost impossible for me to cut all human ties I have. I would if I could. If I could do it I would like the rest of my life in solitude. I can live a safe and happy life in complete solitude. I would be in a small room with only a bed, toilet and be happy. I would bring with me the Twilight book series and give up my phone, my computer, and everything I own. I would like in complete silence. I would be a happy person. I could be able to sit in my little room and think. If I get the urge to talk I can talk to myself. I would be a happy person. My owners could take from me what they want; they could have all of my money. All I want is my own space. I do not care if it is a cell. I want to disappear and by doing this I could disappear and Tara, Howard, Carol and the rest of “my team” can take my SSI money and I would be in heaven. In this room with no human interaction I would not have to live up to other people’s expectations. I would not have to live to make anyone happy besides myself. God will be in my little cell. I can talk to him. He can comfort me. If I have god why would I need anything else.


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