Do It Yourself: Screen Cleaner

Screen cleaner is just glorified water with an absurd price tag. It’s basically a simple alcohol solution that you can make at home for less than $3.

Distilled water has to be used — any other water, mineral, tap etc. will leave residue on a screen. Vinegar can also be used but that smells. 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol works best.

Any spray bottle will work, just fill half with the alcohol, then with the water. Shake before use.

The rubbing alcohol was $0.50, the distilled water was $0.80, and I purchased 3 spray bottles at $0.96. Total time spent purchasing supplies and preparing the bottles, 30 minuties. I’m keeping one on my desk, and one spare. The other I gave to my family. Total win on being frugal.

It works wonders on glasses too. My phone, laptop, computer, and glasses have never been so clean.

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