Do-It-Yourself Wedding Program Design

A wedding program can help your guests more fully enjoy the ceremony because they will know more about what is taking place, especially if yours is a long ceremony. You can also save a wedding program as a keepsake of your special day. The reason why many brides decide against a wedding program is because of the extra cost. However, you can easily cut costs while still including programs in your wedding by designing them yourself. Here are a few helpful booklet printing and design tips to help you create impressive wedding programs that match the style of your ceremony.

Choose the Colors and Theme

First choose the colors you want to use in the program. You will probably want them to coordinate with your over-all wedding colors, but remember that the background must be light so the type will be readable. Use only black or very dark colored text, such as slate or midnight blue, so that guests can easily read your content.

You may also want to incorporate a theme with some graphics. Traditional wedding symbols are love birds, flowers, and rings, but if there is something else that is meaningful to you, use that.

Pick a Style

Wedding programs can be a simple page folded in half, rolled up like a scroll, a half page with printing on front and back, or a six page booklet. If you do not want to include very much information, you could go with a folded page or half page program. Scrolls can be long if you use long paper, such as 11x17" or 14x8.5."

If you have a lot of information, you will probably want to create a booklet with binding. Booklet printing and assembling is pretty complicated, so you may want to design the program yourself and leave the booklet printing to a booklet printing company. With online booklet printing, you can order 250 standard 8 page booklets for less than $300.

Put Essential Info on the Cover

On the cover, put the bride and groom’s names, the date, and location. You can also include your engagement picture or a graphic that matches your theme, or even a simple wedding symbol, such as doves carrying wedding rings between them.

Include the Order of the Ceremony

On the inside, you should list the order of events. You may also want to include a brief note about the meaning of different events, especially if you are doing anything unusual. With booklet printing, you may have room to include the story of how the bride and groom met, the proposal, even a synopsis of their lives up until they met. Get creative!

Introduce the Wedding Party

Some people like to tell a little about the members of the wedding party and how they are connected to the bride or groom.

Include Song Lyrics

If you have songs performed during your ceremony, you could include the lyrics, especially if they have special meaning to you. You can even explain why you chose the songs you did.

Give Directions to the Reception

If your reception is at a different location from the ceremony, you can give directions in your program. This helps to get guests to the reception much faster, meaning that any pictures you may be taking after the ceremony will go much more quickly.

A wedding program is not required for wedding ceremonies, but it can add a lot to the experience for your guests. With a lengthy or unusual ceremony, an explanation will be much appreciated, and give fidgety guests something to keep them occupied. Who knows, maybe your stingy Uncle Leo will slip an extra $20 onto your money tree in appreciation for your thoughtfulness. One can only hope, right?