Do Men Dream about their Wedding?

Do men dream about their wedding?

Do they plan their wedding a year in advance, searching for the perfect tuxedo, making lists of whom they want  to invite?

Do they compare what they think with their buddies?

No, no, no to all the above.

Obsession about the "perfect" wedding is the bride's fixation. She's been dreaming about her special day since she was 9 years old. That day, she'll look like the princess she always wanted to be.

While you're reading this blog, millions of women in their twenties and thirties are poring through bridal magazines, steeped in the propaganda of 'perfect' wedding must haves as dictated by the annual $50 billion wedding industry.

According to this most powerful lobby, the average wedding in the U.S. costs $27,850. The guest list averages 165. One third of those weddings are paid for by the bride's parents. The industry doesn't keep figures for how many parents borrow from their own retirement fund for their daughter's wedding.

A ‘perfect wedding’ is part of the bride’s conditioning, her fantasy day since she received a Barbie doll for Christmas. She has been planning this wedding in her imagination for years. It doesn’t work without a groom.

Few men besides wedding planners think about weddings. There is no Modern Groom magazine. This is the bride’s big day ; the groom is part of the scenario. It’s performance art for him. He’ll go along with it. He’s not paying for it.

 I think if bride and groom can’t pay for 80 percent of their own wedding, they should trim down the costs or postpone it until they can pay for it. They might work harder at the relationship if they were investing their own money, thereby
leaving mom and dad more assets for their retirement.


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