Do You Like Spoilers?

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[Editor's note: I have a love/hate relationship with spoilers. If I am the one seeking them out? I LOVE them. If I just fall upon them I hate both the spoiler and the person that spoiled it for me -- and yes, I will hold a grudge. How do you feel about spoilers? - Karen]

Do Spoilers Enhance Your Experience with Books, Films & TV Shows or Wreck It?

Maybe you might like to know what happens at the end of a book before you've read it -- like Harry in When Harry Met Sally who read the last page of every book in case he died before he reached the end -- but I don’t.


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Part of the excitement of watching or reading something for the first time is the purity of your unspoiled experience coupled with the element of surprise. Once that surprise is gone, I enjoy re-reading or re-watching books and films/TV shows in an entirely different way: Since I’m no longer anxious to learn how the story turns out, I can focus on other details that I may have overlooked the first time around. Part of the anxiousness during that initial watching is part of the pleasure of experiencing a story.

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