Jesse James and Kat Von Dee - Do We Care, or Are They Just Too Deplorable?

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[Editor's note: So I started to curate this post on the tattooed duo and I thought to myself: Jesse James is just...awful. And if Kat Von Dee thinks "this time will be different" then I'm losing respect for her entrepreneurial self by the minute. So I ask you; do we care? Do we care who's dating who after they cheated on whoever? This is your space as much as mine as I ask you - does Jesse James make the cut?

Still, Kaiser at Celebitchy is just...effing funny - so as long as he's writing about these two, it's going to be a slippery slope for me to ignore them. --Morgan]

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It’s not quite instant karma, but it’s as close as we’re ever going to get with Jesse James. Life & Style reports that Jesse has been telling friends that he and Kat Von D have split. The terminology is odd though - Life & Style describes it as:

“putting a pause on their relationship” and how the “wedding is on hold.” Is this a real breakup, or are they just fighting over whether to serve hot dergs at the weddin’?



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