Do Wedding Receptions Really Need Centerpieces?

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Jenn is driving me nuts with her "countdown" to the wedding. I don't know why it stresses me out so much when she closes her emails or starts her phone calls with "I can't believe it, only 53 days til the wedding!" She's the one who is working her rear off getting ready for this event, she's the one who should be stressed out (and she is.) I have only been given one task (besides send money!) to prepare for the big day - and that was only because I insisted she let me do SOMETHING to help with the reception.

Remember when I blogged about how bad her wedding planner seems to be? Well those complaints just got worse and worse and suddenly she's the one trying to track down tables and chairs to rent etc... So when she started talking about some uplights for the clear vases for each table, and how they were expensive and she couldn't find them for rent... I said I'd handle this piece.

wedding centerpieceImage: Joe.oconnell via Flickr


First problem was that I had absolutely no idea what an uplight for a clear vase was. I mean she'd been describing these centerpieces to me so I had a little bit of a clue but I wouldn't know one if I tripped over it. I wasn't too worried, I'm damn good with a search engine so surely I could figure it out.

I did but... those things are damn expensive and I can't find any place that rents them. Hahaha.

So I offered up a smaller type of uplight for vases - these are well within the budget and I think they'll work. But, what do I know because I am only good at winning centerpieces in door prize drawings, not making them or even describing them.

She's going to buy one of these small uplight thingies and try it - and if it works, I'll order them. If it doesn't, I'm just going to blow the budget and order the ones that will work. This searching for the impossible is a waste of time and is causing way too much stress.

So, why am I surfing centerpieces when I already know what she wants and just have to make it happen? Denial, that's why, and also stress.

On second thought, maybe I should be thankful that we don't have the kind of stress that can lead to sisters fighting at the wedding reception.

Only 42 more days! Maybe I should give up on the centerpiece thing and just figure out what I'm wearing to this event? And maybe buy some plane tickets? Reserve a hotel room or two? Ugh. Now I'm feeling stressed again. Why couldn't she just go to city hall like Kristy? ~~Denise Flamingo House Happenings


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