Do Women Abdicate Their Power on Wall Street?

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We often talk about how women handle power differently than men in everyday corporate settings. What about in the biggest financial setting in the world - Wall Street? Do women handle themselves differently than men? Or, are they equally powerful in the epicenter of financial power? Katie Kelley interviews The Wall Street Coach in this post.

Have you ever wondered how women and men manage their power differently while working in the world’s leading financial markets? I have. That is why I asked, Kim Ann Curtin, The Wall Street Coach for an interview for my book. I was curious if the themes I discuss in my work, regarding how women must further embolden themselves for senior level roles, held true for women on Wall Street and in the European markets where she supports male and female clients.

Read the full post Why Women Must Stop Abdicating Their Power: My Interview with ‘The Wall Street Coach’on Legacy Builder Coaching.

Power and Women on Wall Street

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