Here's Looking at You, Babe: Do You Ogle Your Male Friends on Facebook?

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According to a piece in the Daily Beast written by Amanda Marcotte, the pictures you put up on Facebook to share with your friends are being shared all right, but for a very different purpose than originally intended. Marcotte asked around and discovered quite a few men are hopping onto Facebook and looking at your photos for their own personal pleasure.

You know, the picture you snapped of your recent spring break trip to Jamaica or the one of you sitting on a rug in front of the fireplace in your new home? It's those types of shots that might be turning someone else on, according to Marcotte's male friend:

But my friend told me guys aren’t looking for dirty pictures on Facebook, they’re looking at ordinary pictures of women, the kind that you and I associate with Facebook. Women partying with friends. Women goofing off in the park. Women sitting at home trying on a pose that’s serious and deep. At worst, they’re looking at women in Facebook-approved sexy poses, or pictures from the beach.

While the photos may be G-rated, the manner in which some of them  are being used would likely garner an X-rating if caught on film. What gives?

Even in the age of the Internet, I still  tend to rock it old school by swooning for an attractive guy passing me on the street. Of course, the first thing which pops into my head is, "Am I old enough to be his mom?" (Hey, you get to be 43 and see where your mind takes you!).  The second thing might be, "I so would have dated him when I was younger." (hmm, that does sound a bit cougarish as I read that over. I'm gonna own it. RAWR!). 

Do I take a snapshot of him with my mind and bring my virtual man home to bed with me? No. Only because if I filled my brain with his image, it would mean I would forget to buy milk at the grocery store. I only have enough room in my cerebrum  for just so much.

However, I may be the exception and not the rule.  When I asked a friend of mine if she would ever consider incorporating a picture of a Facebook Friend (or a Friend of a Friend, or oh-what-the-hell, Everyone) into her own sexual fantasy, she chuckled softly and purred, "Well, it would depend on which friend you're talkin' about. But yeah, I would."

So I ask, are women checking out their Facebook Friends and having fun with the photos, too? Or is this mainly a guy thing?

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