Do You Ever Avoid Sex?

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Incognito Pleasure:  My husband and I have fun, playful sex more often than passionate, “take me now sex,” but every now and then we surprise ourselves … For years, my husband and I talked about replaying a scene from the movie, When a Man Loves a Woman, where Andy Garcia’s character meets Meg Ryan’s at a bar. Although they are husband and wife, they pretend not to know each other and banter, flirt and make out, much to the surprise of their fellow bar patrons.  On our last anniversary, we tested our acting chops during a crowded train ride and checked into a local hotel pretending to be strangers who only just met. While we both agreed our acting skills need work, the memories of our fun charade keep us blushing to this day. Improv = sexy!

Perhaps it’s time to recreate another movie scene.  Any suggestions?

Sex is an ongoing commitment to our relationship, one I can choose to embrace and enjoy or delay and avoid. Here’s to an abundance of sexual desire and follow through for all of us, specifically when our partners are within kissing range. In the meantime, excuse me, I have a booty call to make!


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