Do You Believe in Magic?

Do you believe in magic

Who here is a fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I am, and the other day I was catching up on this past season. One of the new cast members this season, Carlton, is a practicing Wicca. I don't think she identifies as a witch, although I do think that is what most people assume when they hear a person is a practicing Wicca. In one of the episodes she eludes to casting a "spell" on one of the other ladies. I found it was in more of a joking matter, but the other lady took it very serious when she had some strange things happen to her later that day.

So the question is, do you believe in magic?

Personally, I do. When I was younger, early 20's, I did research on the Wicca religion because I found it to be fascinating. From what I could tell from the few books I read, the Wicca religion is earth based. I never read anything the involved sacrifice or harming of any living being. What I did find was that the Wicca religion is all about the sun, moon, and stars. As well as about loving and respecting all living creatures. The one spell book I still have requires a lot of different crystals, candles, and items that come straight from the earth.

This isn't necessarily the magic I believe in though. I believe in the magic of positivity and happiness. I'm a firm believer that if you are generally a positive happy person that tries to find the bright side or silver lining to every situation you encounter, no matter how bad it could be, that positivity and happiness will follow. And on the flip side if you are negative and somber about every situation, negativity and sadness is all you will get. I work hard every day to keep my chin up and a smile on my face, because at almost 36 years old being positive and happy has never done me wrong.

So I ask you, do you believe in magic? Whether its the type of magic a Wicca would practice, or the type David Blaine practices, or the type I believe in, do you believe?


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