Do you define your beauty based on Men’s compliments?

Some women receive compliments from men in a very fragile manner. This article is not directed to all women, but just the ones that do as described. They just can’t seem to seem to take a compliment merely as a valued an opinion. I have witnessed close friends and associates of mine who take compliments and pick up lines from random male strangers way too literal and personal. If the man is says something negative to them about their appearance, they allow the comment to threatened their esteem. If a man says something they want to hear their confidence goes to an all time unnatural high, but it’s never balanced. They allow these comments to define their self worth through the eyes of men. Everybody loves compliments because it’s good to hear. When I receive them, it just lets me know that I am on point with myself, but I don’t let it go to my head nor do I reject it, weather the comment is sincere or not, but I do not let my allow myself to be affected by it. And when I get a negative comment, I don’t allow it threatened my esteem because I know that I can’t please the world, and I am also confident in my appearance and who I am. If I let everybody’s opinion of me affect me, I would really be screwed up, and that’s what I see my female peers.

I don’t dispute the fact that compliments on our appearance is vital to most of us women. We aim to look good so we can attract the opposite sex, and when we don’t get a sufficient amount of them it can hurt our esteem. But we can’t lose ourselves trying to perfect our being for every man who disapproves of it. The style that YOU choose to make you look good, that you manifest to the world that’s agreeable with the majority of is what you stick with. . Us women love attention, but we have to also be comfortable and confident in our own make-up. So when that one guy says “you’re not really all that anyway”, your thought would be, “yes, I am”. 

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