Do You Do It In the Morning Or At Night?

First week back to work after 4 years is done.  Why is it we don’t cherish what we have until it’s gone?  This recession finally hit our home this year and I am forced to go back to work.  The real estate market did us in just in the past 3 months.  We were used to having at least 5 bank-owned listings each month and now we’re lucky to see 1 every couple of months.  Last year at this time it was more like 20 a month. 



It was proving to be a wonderful way of living until President Obama decided to place a national moratorium on all the foreclosures forcing banks to go the way of short sales.  What a lovely band-aid placed on a decapitated head, Obama.  It’s not going to work long-term.  It has only forced banks to get paid by FDIC insured monies.  I’ll skip over the politics and stay on the path of the realist that I am. 

I started this week at what is looking to be a very promising opportunity and while I am excited about it, I am also missing my previous position as my household’s domestic engineer!  No, I have never referred to myself as that when I was a stay at home Mom but now that I can no longer claim that title I find it so true to it’s intended meaning. 


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