Do you ever wonder "What's for DINNER??"

Always struggling with "What's for dinner?"
Don't like to grocery shop?
Feel like you are ordering fast food or take out too often?
Do you wish you had a 'cooking fairy'? You know, someone to deliver meals to your door while you are doing other things?
~~If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions, "Darnell Dishes It Out" can help. "Darnell Dishes It Out" makes it easy for you to put a delicious dinner on the table. So, you do not have to meal plan, grocery shop or cook! Your meals will even be delivered to your door at no extra charge!**
My recipes are all dishes my own family loves to eat. Nothing is from a kit or box. Easy meal prep is not a new concept. There are many prep kitchens across the United States and they all do business differently.
Here's how simple it is to order from "Darnell Dishes It Out." A weekly menu is listed on Facebook on the "Darnell Dishes It Out" page. (just LIKE it to become a fan). I also send out a weekly email menu. (for those of you not on Facebook). You view the menu which includes several main dishes, one side dish and one dessert. You place an order (a minimum order is 2 servings of any one dish) by midnight Saturday. I will grocery shop, prepare your dishes and on Tuesday I will deliver it to your door!! Included with every order is a reheating instruction page as well as nutritional information with calorie counts, carbohydrates, fats and proteins per serving listed.
All food is delivered in biodegradeable and compostable containers, as well!
If you are entertaining crowd, serving your family dinner around the table, or wanting just a few servings for lunch throughout the work week, "Darnell Dishes It Out" can help. My main dishes are also great to give to a friend or loved one as a gift! I can deliver meals to someone just home from the hospital or moving into a new home or for a birthday or holiday surprise!
My idea to open "Darnell Dishes It Out" came from years of struggling with meal planning and trying to find time to share dinner around the table with my family. I've been both a working mom and a stay-at-home-mom and it was always difficult to pull off dinner most nights of the week. I've listened to countless friends and family talk about their busy lifestyles and their constant struggle with "What's for dinner?".
I can relate.
My goal is for YOU to worry LESS about "What's for dinner?"!!
With my husband's support and my friend's licensed kitchen, "Darnell Dishes It Out" opened in the summer of 2011. "Darnell Dishes It Out" (I'll-do-dinner-while-you-do-other-things) is proud to be a woman owned business.

Darnell Dishes It Out

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