Do You Feel Alone or Lost?

Have you ever lost anything? Do you remember as a child being lost in a store or in the woods? Do you remember how you felt? Well, I want to share a story with you from  the bible. Jesus told it to some strict know it all teachers at the time who didn't like that way Jesus would speak to so called "common" people.


There was a shepherd who took care of 100 sheep. However one evening he realize that he only had 99 sheep.

Do you think he just said forget that one hard headed sheep? No he was concern and loved his animals. He was so frantic that he tried to retrace his steps. He looked in all the bushes and behind every rock until he found his sheep. He was so excited he put the sheep on his shoulder and took him home. He told everyon the good news.


Okay, what does this story have to do with me? Well, you are like lost sheep that have gone astray. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ  loves and care for you. Don't worry about your sin or feelings of unworthiness. God can forgive you of your sin if you have faith and believe in him.


Don't worry about your past, God already know all about it. God cares for even you. God have been calling you to accept him as your Savior. Your soul is so important to Jesus and he waiting for little you to make the first step.


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