Do You Follow Food Trends? Which Ones?

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I may or may not be a "foodie," but I definitely notice when certain trends start popping up on blogs and menus. And I love to try those trends. (Until I don't and I all of a sudden NO LONGER CARE about a pickled green strawberry or California small plates served dim sum-style and then I realize certain trends NEED TO STOP RIGHT NOW).

parfaits with flowers

BlogHer Food '12, Danielle Tsi Photography

#firstworldproblems. Ahem.

But usually, I love seeing what people are up to in the world of food. What about you -- do you follow food trends?

Now it's time to rate specific trends. Tell me, for each of these trends, do you STILL LOVE IT or are you TOTALLY OVER IT? Rate each trend by clicking on the Swipp smiley face and moving the slider to give your score, then pressing the Swipp It button to enter your rating.

Artisanal chocolate

Everything in Mason jars


Korean food

Salted caramel


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