Do You Know How Positive & Empowering Women Think?

 1. She is self-assured, patient, and understands her worth.
 2. She is positive and speaks her empowering truths with wisdom and with kindness.
 3. She trusts her choices and understands mistakes help her to learn, grow and become stronger.
 4. She forgives, because she knows that holding grudges holds her back.
 5. She sees her dreams clearly and walks a positive and self-assured path to make them a reality.
 6. She is comfortable expressing her wants, her needs and her desires.
 7. She is empowering not only herself, but other women too.
 8. She understands there are many facets to her wonderful personality and she has learned to push past heartache, tears and disappointment.
 9. Most importantly, she understands that all her successes begin and end with HER!

 Are you exuding your positive determination? e.g.o. will have others define you in the negative.

 Blessings and positive determination successes!
 Acronyms for e.g.o. (Exiting God/good Out)


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