Do You Make Up Your Bed Every Morning?

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I have started several entries this weekend that I've left in draft form because I'm not ready to finish them yet including one about death/transitions/memories.

My mind agreed with me that I wasn't eloquent enough to tackle those other blog thoughts and then rescued me with this fairly inane thought: 

Do you make up your bed every morning when you wake up?
If you do, why? 

  • Do you do it because it is what you were taught to do and it's become a habit? 
  • Do you do it not because you were taught that it was what you're 'sposed to do but because you like order? 
  • Are you fabulously enamored love with your bed linens and pillows and like to see them all fancy and pretty?

Are you a person who never makes your bed because

  • You're always running late
  • or because made-up beds were no big deal in your house and you've decided to uphold that tradition
  • or are you just a slob who doesn't give a rat's ass about making up the bed and that kind or order?

I have actually made myself late leaving the house for appointments (like work - ha! ha!) because I just couldn't bring myself to leave the bed unmade.  An unmade bed calls out to me...nags me until I put it straight (in the same way that a cake or pie calls my name until it is gone).  Once or twice a year, I do in fact find myself leaving the bed unmade and inevitably, that's a day when I'll have company unexpectedly.  Then I'm embarrassed because I think they must think I'm untidy or lack order.  (There I go again, worrying what other people think about unimportant things.  Basically, a person who gets close enough to see my bed unmade should be a person who I wouldn't have such worries about. Right?)

If you share your bed with another human being - whose job is it to make up the bed?  The last person to get up?  The last person to have to leave the house?  The person who's at home?

You've made your bed, now lay in it was a phrase I heard a lot growing up.  I didn't want to lay in a messy bed but found it hard to avoid laying in a messy life.

How often do you change the appearance of your bed.  I'm not asking how often you change your sheets - that's personal.  I mean, how often do you change the linens?  Do you have seasonal comforters/covers and sheets?  Are you someone whose bed sports the same covers for years?

No matter where you stand on this simple thing, I think we can all agree that it is one of life's great simple pleasures to fall asleep in freshly laundered sheets with a just bathed body.  It is one of life's great blessings to have a bed and a room for that bed and the ability to decorate and clean it at will.

My bed will be calling me before too long.  Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite, but if they do, take your shoe, and beat them 'til their black and blue.  Peace...zzzzz


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