Do You Really Hate Cable/Satellite Enough to Cut the Cord?

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The cord cutting is enabled by extra devices, of course, some expensive, some not. We have a smart TV downstairs that we got last year, but upstairs is a totally normal-TV-made-smart-TV by the use of a Sony streaming box that I got for review. There are plenty of flavors of streaming boxes at all different price points, but rest assured, you don't need a smart TV to cut your cord. You can build one with a little box that can cost less than $100 and plugs right in to your $50-on-Craigslist-not-flatscreen TV. We also have something very important for local channels: an antenna. Yes! An antenna! Rocking it old school! And guess what? The antenna HD is better than the cable HD was. Oh, the irony!

antennae front

We mounted it on the satellite pole, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The biggest thing I've noticed after a couple of weeks is a psychological change. When we lost cable, we lost the all-important DVR. (The DVR that cost like $5/month, Rita STAY FOCUSED.) (When I told the woman who cuts my hair we were giving up the DVR, she actually clasped her heart and gasped.) I was accustomed to sitting down after all the day's junk had been done and the girl was in bed, picking up the cable remote and clicking My DVR or whatever. Completely passive. Now I have to think about what I want to watch (unless I want to just watch whatever is on network TV JUST LIKE 1984!). There are about six shows that I like. So depending on where they are, I'll go to that whatever on the smart TV and search for the show, then try to remember which episode I was on (harder than you might think). There are many false starts. (Maybe I should write this down? Is there an app for what the hell episode you were on in Missing the last time you fell asleep on the couch?) It is purposeful television watching. Active television watching. It's almost like you did push-ups!

The other thing I've noticed is that I watch a lot less TV. Unless I'm mind-numbingly tired, I've been reading a lot more. It does feel like more effort to find my shows, and some days, I just don't care enough to go looking for them. Interesting development, eh?

Have you cut your cord? Are you thinking about it?

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