Do you still have your very first resume/demo CD with you?

The other day I was de cluttering my hard drive when I came across my very first resume, the one I had prepared during my under grad days for the job placements. I had a hearty laugh when I read the contents. Clearly, then I had no idea as to what to include and what not to include in it. 

This reminded me about my very first music demo CD. I had once compiled a list of songs that might come handy when I network with other musicians for potential collaboration opportunities. Now, I just carry my business card that has my website on it. Yet, another reason why you should have a blog or a website. You never know when it might come handy.

Those days it was a big deal to get yourself recorded in a music studio. Just like any other aspiring musician, with a heart full of dreams I entered into my very first studio recording. Anil of Madcat music studio in Bangalore was my first sound engineer. I told him that I am preparing my demo CD to make it big in the music industry some day and he was happy to help me out. I had butterflies in my stomach when I recorded my first song. It was the first time I sang with a huge headphones in my ears in a small console and I was ecstatic. Now, I have a small studio in my home but, that euphoria is not there anymore. Thanks to commoditization.

Anyway, here's the first entry in my official demo CD, which was liked by many people. It's a cover version of the popular Malayalam number, Yamuna Veruthe from the movie, Ore Kadal composed by Ouseppachan in Shubha Panthuvaraali raagam.

Do you still have your first resume/coverletter/demo CD with you? How much have you changed since then? 

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