Do you take these Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones for Ultra-Running in Sweaty Armpit-bubbling Heat? I Scooby Doobie Doo!



These shiny green sport headphones complete with that new headphone smell are popular among runners because of the sound quality and the functionality.  As an ultra-runner and former DJ, I’ll hook you up with lots of 411 about these things. Brace yourself. I use lots of fancy former DJ lingo like, “HOW YOU FEELIN' TONIGHT?" while my speakers go, "Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt" and the crowd cheers, "Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"  Then I say, "NOW THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!" That's right.  With my new killer sports cans, I got mash ups to make ya envy the deaf, yo!


I received these as a birthday present this year.  It’s been a rough couple years as a stay-at-home mom after leaving my radio career, but I’m still kicking. My kids are eating all their Scooby snacks, my boobs (which I used to refer to as "sweet and low" because they weren't "equal") --well they've caught up to one another now and aren’t dragging the floor yet.  And now that I'm home more often, I can train for more marathons and 10 hour ultra-races.  And because I received a good birthday present of sport 'phones from Bose and I’m in a good mood, I’ll share these valuable headphones tips with you. Please send cash ’cause I don’t share for free.  Seriously– send money now. There are sparkly Hoka moon boots that need to be purchased (

So here goes a few things I’ve learned about the longest-surviving pair of headphones to date that I've used. Maybe I should have learned a few other things, but I’m super busy doing things like watching Scooby Doo with a 2 year old and trying to understand why Ben Affleck is playing Batman.  First of all, I did my research and learned that in the sports 'phones industry other competitors either have low quality sound but great function or quality sound but horrible function.  Other top competitors make sports 'phones for runners however I don’t think wearing 'Beats by Dre' would the best for running a marathon or ultra.



Also, why do people say the full title of the headphones, "Beats by Dre?" Why not just "Beats?" It's like calling a person by his first and last name when you address him, every time.  But I guess there is a need to specify. If somebody were to say "Beats by Chris Brown", well that's something else entirely.


Anyway, I'm glad I scored the pair of Bose.


These can go from $119-$150

Yeah.  So I wear expensive headphones to run but I also wear ratty old race shirts to pick up my son from preschool because everyone knows never to trust a mother who has better clothes than her kid.

The Bose SIE2i's are equipped with:

Sport Headphones 3MM
3 Earpieces in sizes S,M,L
Reebok Armband
1 Year warranty



Ever since I used them on the treadmill and out on the beach and trail, they have never fallen off. They mold inside your ear in a Jell-O mold-like fashion which is nice but I've never understood the special reason why Jell-O needs to assume a particular shape.  But even though these Jell-O molded ear buds feel a bit foreign and alien-like in the ear at first, they do become super comfy over time and will not irritate your ear even for long-distance running. They also match well with an iPod shuffle because of the size and the inline mic/remote works with iPhone and iPod controls.


The armband fits well around my skinny white lady arm and gives it a snug fit. My only complaint about the band is how it only supports iPhones at the moment. I own an iPhone5 now but everyone else does not and they are exceedingly sad for me.  Their GalaxyS5's make my iPhone feel empty on the inside. The Galaxy S5 is what Apple wishes iPhone 5 would grow up to be.  So if I ever decided to go with the flow and trade up to a new Galaxy phone the Reebok armband would NEVER fit. However I did read some reviews where Galaxy S5 owners forced their phones to fit.  Debit cards can also fit (about 2-3 cards) if you’re willing to stretch it to play a game of credit card-roulette.



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