Do You Use Social Media as a Crutch?

As we head full steam into 2013 I can't help but wonder what this year will bring for women entrepreneurs online.  I see great hope and a lot of prosperity.  But I still worry that we may be headed down the wrong road.

Women have embraced social media.  We use it for personal use as well as for our businesses.  Our businesses thrive because of the opportunity to reach our clients, customers and readers so quickly and inexpensively.  Social media has opened new horizons for women that they may have never gotten before.

But I still worry.  I feel that we are using social media as a crutch.  A quick and easy means to an great end.  Seems too good to be true.

Free.  Easy. Quick. 

What is the catch?

For now, it is basically to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by there platforms.

But did you notice the changes in 2012?  And the ones coming for 2013?  What do they have in store for us?  For our businesses?

Do you ever wonder if there will be a change that will effect your ability to earn an income using social media? 

Scared that a new guideline may just make you leave that nice community you have so carefully built?

What would happen if you could no longer build a page or group for free? 

What if social media changed so much that you had to quit?

Let's face it, all that free and easy comes with a price- you are at their mercy.  You MUST follow their rules.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE social media and use it everyday to build my community of like-minded moms online.

But it will never replace my blog, my business or my email list. Those are mine.  Nobody, no social giant online, can take what I built from scratch.

What I am saying is to never neglect your blog, your online business site and your list for some free and easy social site.  Work hard to build what is yours.  Don't work hard to build what can be taken away overnight.

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