Do you use your "voice" on Twitter and Facebook?

I can think of a few bloggers who have definitely created an online persona. They are always in character, whether it's on their blog, in comments on other people's blogs or on Twitter and Facebook. Then there are people like me. I never know if I'm going to start a post as though it's a short story about my real life or as though I'm pulling down the fourth wall and talking to the Internet Ferris-style. I push Twitter to Facebook and rarely initiate anything on Facebook, and my tweet style ranges from professional to very casual. I don't seem to be capable of maintaining a pure voice all the time.

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I don't really worry too much about that, because I don't have one form of writing I do exclusively. I use a different voice for fiction than I do for narrative nonfiction and a still different voice for telling stories to my friends.


Do you think about this? Do you try to use the same voice everywhere you write, or do you use different facets of your voice depending on the situation?


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