Do You Want Another Email From Twitter?

I love being connected to my social media tools, whether it's my Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest or videos I candidly make. Moreover, I like to manage my relationship with these online vehicles on my terms, which is why I like that these social tools give me the option to control my notification settings.

On May 14, Twitter announced it plans to email all users a Weekly Digest of most relevant Tweets and stories shared by people we're connect to and most engaging Tweets seen by people we're connected to.

Is this what I want?

Do I need a Weekly Digest?

News and information moves so quickly on Twitter; will the majority of content in my Weekly Digest be irrelevant by the time I open the email?

I am still trying to determine the value-add. I'm mulling it over!

Yet, here are some reasons I think it may add value:

  • I can catch up on stories my connections, and even leaders I follow, found relevant that week
  • I can learn about issues my connections care about
  • I can engage with Tweets retroactively and reignite online dialogue on the subject

What are your thoughts on Twitter's new Weekly Digest feature?

Not sure you're ready for more emails? Take these steps:

1. Login to your Twitter account

2. Go to your Settings

3. Click "Notifications" on the left-hand-side

4. Unclick the box next to "Weekly digest of Stories and Tweets from my network"

5. Click "Save Changes"