Do You Work During Your Vacation?

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When my vacation officially started on Monday morning, I wandered over to the BlogHer Facebook page and posted this: "I'm on vacation! I'm also doing just a wee bit of work this morning. Do you work through your vacations?" There were an awful lot of people who said that they did. Those comments led to Suebob's great post about working vacations, which spawned Mir's great post about working vacations. Both women make very compelling arguments for non-working vacations but...

This is not the best of times for me to take a week off. It's conference season around here, we're a little short-staffed, and I've got a big project happening that would be unprofessional to just abandon. Are those excuses or are they legitimate reasons for me doing a bit of work throughout each day of my vacation? In my opinion, they're legitimate reasons. And, the work I'm doing (right now, actually) doesn't really feel like work -- and it isn't interfering at all with my ability to spend time with my daughter or my mother. The work that I'm doing while on vacation isn't causing me any stress or causing me to not relax and enjoy the break.

I normally work 12-16 hour days, five days a week -- and another eight hours on weekends. Working for just an hour or two a day really IS a vacation.

Do you work during your vacation? If you do, are your reasons legitimate or is it just a bad habit?

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