Do You Work for a Sick Organization?

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Ever have a lousy work experience? Perhaps you've had a string of them peppered with some crazy-making co-workers, bosses, and other madness. You may have wondered: Is it me? Is it them? In this post, Crystal Spraggins shares an experience she had and how it just might be the organization that is sick.

The conversation reminded me of another conversation I’d had a long time ago, more than twenty years earlier, in fact. During that conver-sation, I’d been confiding to a former supervisor, a physician, about a lousy work experience I was having, and I’ll never forget what he said. He told me that it sounded like I was working for a sick company.

I thought that was funny, and I laughed. But this former supervisor of mine wanted me to know that he wasn’t merely suggesting I might be working with a few “off” people. He told me that just like an individual can be sick, an organization can be sick.

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Working for a sick organization

Image: Alex E. Proimos via Flickr

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