Do you write letters to the editors of Parenting Magazines?

I just received the new issue of Today's Parent in the mail. I scanned the cover, read a few of the article themes, opened the mag up and flipped through it. I didn't have time for anything more. 

When I closed it, I looked more closely at the cover image of a really freakin' cute baby girl. But, she didn't look right

I realized the reason was because she didn't have any pores in her skin. Her skin was literally as smooth and flawless as porcelain. 

I have a hard time believing that the child's face is really like that. 

Are we really at the point in magazine cover history where we manipulate the skin of a four-month old baby? Why have I not noticed this before? Why do I care? What will I do about it? 

I could write a letter to the editor. I've done it before. For both positive and negative reasons, but I've done it before. And the letters have been published. 

Do you write letters to the editors of the magazines you read? Especially the parenting mags that help or hinder your parenting life. That is...if you have the money to buy them and the time to read them. And then the time to write a letter with your response to the stories and/or cover....

Just wondering what you think of the parenting magazines you read, and if you write letters to the editors. It's not like 'commenting' on a blog. This takes a bit more time and savvy. 

In any case, just wondering. 

I think I may take the time to write a letter about porcelain baby face. It concerns me. 


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