Do your kids and teens know about money?

Do your kids understand money?

I think teaching kids about money should be in schools just like teaching kids and teens about reading, writing, and ABC's.  Why, because once you learn the basics of money and savings early then it would be effortless to continue the teaching and building upon what they have learned.  Financial literacy for children will be far to easy to teach and cost less money when children are younger than waiting until they are freshman in college and being introduced, possibly, for the first time, with financial responsibilities. 

When, I was in school I had to get my parents signature before I could get a credit card.  Of course, now it is different.  College students are bombarded with free trinkets just to fill out an application!  Kids and teens should know that saving money is like brushing teeth or combing hair. It should be a habit.  Parents are responsible for teaching their kids.  But how?  How can a parent who never learned themselves about being financially savvy, teach their kids and teens?  Tune in on Tuesday August 26, 2008 at 11:30am on the Money Guru show on and listen to ways you can teach your children and teens about money or visit

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