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Summer's almost over and Doc McStuffins' here to help prepare everyone for the new school year! Starting school can mean a lot of new experiences for children, including back to school check ups at the doctor's office and preparing for cold & flu season. Our bloggers share their favorite Doc McStuffins moments in their lives and offer great health and wellness tips for the entire family.

Be sure to check out the Disney "Doc McStuffins" site to explore new episodes that will show every Friday in September starting on 9/6 on Disney Junior. And watch a preview of the new episodes here!

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Mom, PhD

One of my kids' (and mine, too!) favorite television shows right now is Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior. The kids love Doc because of her cute little personality, but I love the show because it teaches them healthy habits. And goodness knows we need healthy habits around our house! As a working mom with two small children in daycare, I feel like I have earned at LEAST a PhD in pediatrics. Good Lord, my kids bring home all kinds of gunky funk....more

Encouraging Healthy Habits for a New School Year

School uniforms. Lunch boxes. Hockey. Autumn is fast-approaching and I cannot wait! It’s my favourite season of the year. I love the cooler weather, school, Halloween costumes, and of course, hockey. What I don’t love is getting sick, which invariably happens to me. As a computer professional who telecommuted for an entire decade from the comfort of my own home, I can attest to the fact that this did nothing to help build my immune system....more

Doc McStuffins

Do you ever feel saved by a TV show? As in, without it you just don't know where you'd be? Oh come ON! Surely I can't be the only one?? It’s hard to believe, but we’ve only just gone through ONE season of Doc McStuffins. What? Wait. What?? It feels like Doc McStuffins has been around for the entirety of my kids’ childhood. But actually, she’s only been on the air for one year. That’s pretty amazing, given her scope of influence. Kids have always loved to play “doctor.” But Doc McStuffins has turned the game on its head. The “Doctor” has become a kid!...more

Doc McStuffins

We wake at 6:25am Monday through Friday. Warm chocolate milk for Ella and Lucy, cold milk for Jack. Everyone snuggles in the bed as they watch the last 5 minutes of whatever is finishing on Disney Junior and then patiently waits on Doc McStuffins to come on for our last 20 minutes of snuggle time before we get ready for school. This is our morning routine--has been for the last 7 years; same routine, different shows....more

One of my girls' favorite TV shows is Disney Junior's "Doc McStuffins"

It's a show I even enjoy because it's just a cute show of a little girl pretending to be a doctor with her animals.  They sing fun songs and it's just a fun show. My girls love to pretend they are doctors as well. Thankfully besides Harper's birth and a couple of ear infections (and Hollis' recent lump issue) - my girls have always been relatively healthy. ...more

Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Remember how I said that Jill has been blurting out words? "Stuffins" has been one. It's one of her favorite shows.  She yells "Stuffins!!!" and points to the TV. Naturally, I had to get her a little Doc doll.  Naturally. The toy medical kit has been in pretty heavy rotation recently. Dolls are examined and prescribed medications. Lucy often asks if they've been "taking their meds". On the one hand it's funny to hear my bigger kids...the ones used to us speaking of medical concerns...but on the other hand, it makes me sad that they even know what it is....more

Time for your check up... Time for your check up.....

With two toddler girls that are close in age we are quite familiar with the doctor’s office. They are generally healthy girls, but we have dealt with food allergies, testing, pneumonia, various skin conditions, and all the regular stuff too. Our girls are usually well-behaved, but a lot of our doctor visits weren’t always pretty. Screaming, crying, nervousness, shyness got in the way of good doctor visits. I’ve learned to never take them at the same time since it usually turns disastrous and I end up leaving the doctors office sweating....more

The Doc in Me

Before I became a mom, I was one of those people who avoided watching medical dramas because the wounds made me uncomfortable. I often flinched if a friend tried to show me a paper cut or something minor. But something happened when a became a mom. A mom to two boys. I am at the ready with bandages, and ice packs, and of course ready to kiss a boo boo. Hudson turned four this summer....more

Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins/Enter to Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

When I was in elementary school, I had the opportunity to address my state's senators and representatives about a woman named Martha Hughes Cannon and her contribution to the state, with the goal of having a statue of her placed in the capitol rotunda. She was a pretty amazing woman. Among other things, she was a doctor, which was pretty rare at that time (she was born in the 1800s). After learning so much about her and her life achievements, I decided that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up, and that was my goal for many years....more

Staying Healthy With Doc McStuffins Season 2

When my daughter gets sick, it becomes a real nightmare faster than you can say, "Do you feel okay, sweetie?" She has the unfortunate asthma/allergy combo that makes a simple cold a multi-day production to help her get better. There's the every breathing treatments every four hours, the fever medication to bring her temperature down, the elevation of her bed to help the mucus drain and all the other steps to help her feel more comfortable....more