Dodge Test Drive - Review and Sweepstakes

Your car is so much more than a car - it's how you do what you love with the people who matter the most. Dodge invites you to take Best in Class gas mileage, exclusive technology, and reliable safety & security out for a spin this weekend. 

Ride along with 12 bloggers, who share their test drive experiences in America’s Best Selling and Most Awarded Minivan, the Dodge Grand Caravan, the bolder, sleeker and more technologically advanced Dodge Durango, and Dodge Dart - the most award winning and technologically advanced vehicle in its class. Discover how far Dodge can take you, and enter to win a $100 Shell gas card to get you there!

The Dodge Test Drive Sweepstakes runs from 12/9/2013 through 12/31/2013 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck! 


Rainy Day Adventure with Dodge Dart

I mentioned that this summer our car started dying. It's on its very last legs - worth almost nothing, needs a few repairs, and is generally just begging to be replaced. So when BlogHer asked if anyone wanted to do test drives of a Dodge, I said YES. It was a rainy day, but it was a fun adventure with my sister!...more

Get The Heck Out Of Dodge In A Durango

We purchased my Dodge Nitro in 2007. It has been a terrific ride and it is paid off. Let me say that again: paid off. This means in a few years when Zoe starts driving, she will become the proud owner of a 2007 used Dodge Nitro with low miles. And this means I get a new car....more

SUV vs Minivan Mom

Kristi and I have been in a playful argument for years about being an SUV-mom versus minivan-mom. Being a minivan vs SUV driver can turn into heated arguments. We've broken it down for those who are debating which is the right mom car for them, and we're pleased to share with you!...more

I Left My Heart in a Dodge Durango

You guys, I left my heart in a Dodge Durango. It probably slipped into one of those nifty cup-holders, or maybe the sleek middle console. I don't know. The point is I found a dream car. ...more

Adventures in Test Driving: Dodge Durango

I LOVE checking out new vehicles, just not always with the kids. I decided to let the boys have a say this time around, so we decided to check out the new 2014 Dodge Durango, which offers Best-in-Class 25 hwy mpg (SXT, Limited and Citadel RWD) and an 8-speed automatic transmission....more

With a Cheerleader in the Trunk and Some Change in My Pocket

We will be looking for a compact car that gets crazy good gas mileage next year. We have kicked the Dodge Dart to the top of our list because it has the nicest interior I've ever seen in a car at this price range, storage that goes on for days, and because Alexis will never forgive us if we don't buy one....more

Searching for the Perfect Family Car

Our little family is growing and we want to find the perfect family car. The new Dodge Durango is bolder, sleeker and more technologically advanced than ever before. It was super fun to test drive - our girls loved it and kept saying that we should buy this car!...more

Tips for Traveling with Kids for the Holidays

I recently got to test drive a new Dodge Grand Caravan and try out all the cool features, suchs as the class-exclusive Super Stow ‘n Go® and dual Blu-rayTM DVD players and a Best-in-Class storages system, both awesome for traveling with kids! No wonder it’s America’s Best Selling and Most Awarded Minivan ever....more

Minivan is the new black

We have an SUV, but I often picture myself cruising into the school, opening the door with the push of a button, and letting my son and several of his friends hop inside. So when I had an opportunity to test drive the Dodge Caravan, I was totally thrilled....more

A One of a Kind Test Drive

There is something so fun and exciting about shopping for a new car and taking it for a test drive. Don't you agree? While we aren't in the market for a new car right now, I still like to know what is out there for when the time comes, and I like to see what is 'hot' in the car world!...more