Dodging Raindrops

Best Case Scenario: This blog will serve as encouragement to others who are looking for a fire to be lit under their assistant...minus the -istant part. You are never too old, too far behind or too far from your goals to get started. This all sounds great but the whole idea is to stop thinking about why, when and how and just get started! It's that easy I know. I am a great procrastinator and by great I mean...I am truly good at it. I can improvise and make ANYTHING come together last minute, that's how long I've been procrastinating, putting off and blah, blah, blahing about getting things done. I have actually mastered the art...that's NOT necessarily something to be proud of but I will claim it because it's all I've got. I have heard that I am a raindrop dodger. I somehow get it done, but it shouldn't have to be so dramatic. Panic-strickenly bolting to the car....threatening the childrens' lives if they don't buckle within 20 seconds, etc. This can't be a good example.

I will chronicle my "stop thinking and start doing" process with hopes that my success will be inspirational to others who may have fallen into a rut or found that their intentions aren't quite lining up with their life.

Worst case scenario: Watching me stumble around until my fat ass is buried under all my clutter and my kids are sporting mismatched socks and dirty underoos will SCARE others into action.



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