Does a cluttered house lead to a cluttered mind?

I am usually the first to get rid of something that has over stayed it's welcome; clothes, food, furniture, whatever!  My usual style of out with the old in with the new has seems to have changed.  Oh I still bring in the new instead I'm keeping the old.  Suddenly I realized the my life is becoming a little cluttered.  Things are piling up in the basement, the garage, in the back of closets, the attic, threatening to over flow into my main house.  I'm losing site of everything, can't see or know all that I poses. What's happened?  Now when I look start to clean out a closet I am second guessing myself thinking maybe I'll need that or regret that I'm getting rid of it.  I have to say I live with a semi saver  but this has never stopped me in the past from getting rid of item that I no longer needed or wanted.  Then I started to think that maybe I'm doing this with my life too; holding on to old ideas, old beliefs, old standby ways of doing things.  Cluttering my life with things that I no longer need or don't work for me.  I realized that some how fear and doubt which is clouding my judgement in regards to saving possessions, has entered my mind in relationship to getting rid of old ideas and beliefs while welcoming new ideas, new possibilities.  Just writing this down has made me think how closed and restricted I've become, shutting down to new ideas, holding on to old ways that are no longer making it happen for me. 


I can feel how freeing this is to understand the relationship between cluttering with useless objects and cluttering with worthless ideas.  It's shutting down to being open to receive bright new ideas, to change for the positive, to continue on the path of personal development.  Lately I have been feeling stuck, in a rut that I haven't been able to break free from.  Now I see a path to once again move forward in the direction that will lead to endless possibilities instead of the same old restricted ones. To be as I was before free, open, with more than enough room for new challenges, actually embracing change, embracing the newness of each day!


Now I am on a mission to clean out not only my possessions but my mind!  Let go of all the old worn out beliefs and ideas.  Become empty to make room for so many bright, shining new possibilities. Wake up each day to a new beginning, filled with the joy of all that is waiting for me to find! I know that it's a cliche but I really do feel renewed to life with all that it offers if we are only open and have room to receive.  Bring it on!

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