Does drinking clay really make a difference

I am sure that many people that read entertainment news have probably heard about drinking clay.  Shailene Woodley, the talented young actress from The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent, has been a out spoken believer of drinking clay for the health benefits (detoxing the body in a natural way). The clay supposedly clings on to the heavy metals in your body and all the other bad things that are in the body and detox's it out of you. I was definitely one of those people that laughed when I read about drinking clay but I kept going back and researching it over and over again. The body naturally detox's on a daily basis and so I have always been a skeptic of a detox, whether it be one of those fancy $200 detox's or a cheap $10 detox (the clay retails for about $10-$15 depending on where you buy it).

So thanks to Google I went ahead and did some research on drinking clay and the benefits for your body, I was surprised to see so many sites actually pop up. I have never thought to drink clay, may have eaten play-doh as a child at one point but I don't think that really counts. As I was going through the list of the different benefits I became intrigued. According to various websites, drinking clay helps with digestive issues (acid reflux, ulcers, gas etc.) and it is also supposed to help with any skin issues as well as allergies (working in cosmetics, skin is definitely important!) The websites also stated, generically I might add, that the clay detox's the body but never really states how it actually does it.  So off I went again to specifically search for the detoxing benefits of clay. 

I stumbled across a website that actually gave me the information that I was seeking, according to As the clay passes through your body its negative ionic charge will draw it to anything with a positive charge (bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc.) The clay passes through your body and draws out the toxins through waste (aka you're going to be on the toliet at some point during the day). The recommended amount of clay to drink is 1-2oz of liquid clay a day and the site is specific with making sure you stick with it daily! 

After reading all this information I decided, what the heck, lets try this stuff out! What is the worst that can happen besides running to the bathroom constantly to "detox" my body. I did a little research and found that Redmond Clay ( is probably my best bet and probably the most cost worthy product to buy.  They do have the clay as pill form but I wanted to stick with my initital experiment and try the clay in the powdered form first. You can order the powdered form of clay in either a 10 oz jar or a 6 pound bucket, I opted for the jar of course. 

My jar arrived within about a week which was a nice surprise considering it is sold out at many online retailers and there is actually a waiting list. I nautrally dug right into the clay and mixed it with water (they aren't really specific on how much water but they do say to use 1 tsp of powdered clay in the water which is what I did). After mixing it for a few minutes and lumps to appearing in the water, I said whatever and drank it down. My first reaction on drinking the clay water was that this doesn't taste as bad as I was thinking it would. It has a distinct earthy taste to it and the lumps that were still in the water wasn't bad either. After finishing the water I decided to start my daily cleaning and wait to see what happened. 

As the day progressed, I felt full and my appetite was actually surpressed (I honestly had to remind myself to eat something as I hadn't really eaten yet). Like the website said, the natural "detox" did happen and it wasn't horrible. No stomach cramps or running to the bathroom. Since the first day was a pleasant experience I didn't mind continuing to drink clay.

I am now starting my third week of drinking clay and I usually drink the glass after I get off work (if I get off at a decent time) but I always remember to drink it. It has really helped me stay full throughout the day and the stomach issues that I occasionally face have honestly gone away. I'm pleasantly surprised by what the clay has done for me. I haven't noticed a difference in my allergies or my skin yet but I imagine that would take a little longer to notice a difference in.  Now is this to say that everyone needs to go out and drink clay water? No because there are some risks that are involved with it. Some reports have stated that there are small amounts of lead in the clay and that you need to use caution with ingesting it. Furthmore, you should always consult with a health care professional before starting any type of change in your diet to make sure that it will be safe for you. Not everyone is going to have the same results. I decided to try this out from a purely curious nature and while I am enjoying the benefits of no tummy issues and the feeling of my appeitite being curbed that is by no means what is going to happen to everyone. 

So if you do decide to try out drinking clay please be cautious and remember to consult a health care professional before diving in.


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