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A few weeks ago, I saw one of my friends on Facebook "liked" something called  I checked it out and it is a website that lists all kinds of free sample options from food to cosmetics.  So, I signed up for a few of the offers and I got my first sample yesterday and my second one today.  It REALLY works!

Yesterday I received a Gevalia coffee K-cup (for Keurig brewing systems) in the mail.  Today, one of the offers was for a free fragrance sample from Bath and Body Works that you pick up from the store with a special code.  I'm loving getting all this free stuff!

A few tips if you want to participate.

1.) Most samples are in limited supply.  So, you have to get the offers as soon as they come out.

2.) Most of the samples take a few weeks to get if you have them delivered to your door.  Other times, they will just tell you about a free giveaway or make a coupon available and you can pick up the freebie from the location of the giveaway.

3.) Most places will want your personal information.  So, it's a good idea to have a spam email set up to use for this so you don't get spam emails from all of these companies sent to your regular email account.

I thought the whole thing was pretty exciting and wanted to spread the joy.  If you want to hear about other freebies I have (and sometimes I even do my own), check out my blog at!  I'll also highlight freebie opportunities that you don't have to sign up online for so that all the readers can benefit, too!

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