Does it Hurt?

Does it Hurt?

It's becoming my new normal. I just approached my official year anniversary of my diagnosis. I know the exact date, June 5th. It passed quietly but I was very aware of it. As I reflect on the last year it was emotionally exhausting, and as odd as it may sound I am eager to begin life with my new normal. Being type 1.5 means very little understanding. It's not cut and dry, there is no line in the sand, no black and white. After under going numerous tests you deal with the anxiety of not knowing or understanding. I originally started on oral medication to control my blood sugar but after hitting my maxim dose in only 6 months I was upgraded to "part time insulin". The year of my anniversary mark I was upgraded to full time insulin for better control. As I get use to carb counting (still a hit and miss for me) I noticed that my injections are starting to become as casual as brushing ones teeth. That's a relief ( yes, I was originally deathly afraid of needles) and also disappointing that this disease is becoming so casual. What snapped me back to reality was a comment my sweet two year old made today, I was giving myself my injection before dinner and I caught my little one staring at me, he said, "does it hurt?" I told him no baby it doesn't... he ran over and gave me a kiss and said, "all better!" A very bittersweet moment for me.


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