Does Nature Rule Us or Vice Versa?

The moon fills out. The tide rolls in. We seem to be at times hapless victims of constant circumstance. What chance is there if nature rules us? Are we doomed to just wait around until the next cycle of storms track into our neighborhood and uproot all we hold dear? Or do we have a say in our destiny?
With a special needs child, I feel at times helpless to help. I get stuck at home a lot. For those little things I feel might help out the planet, I often fail. I wail at the checkout lane if I forget my cloth bags; my car, though old, is a gas hog. As we move harder and harder into this cycle of disasters - humans against humans and humans against nature, my efforts to throw a glass jar into the recycling bin seems unimportant. I'm not even sure any of those plastic bottles, (which I try to buy at all), ever get recycled. Annie Leonard put out the Story of Stuff a few years ago to start a movement and open our brains to think differently - from the get-go. Then the EPA, yesterday, voted to reduce carbon emissions so that by the year 2030 we'll be back to the pollution levels of 2005. First of all, what took so long? We can do better than that.

Our generation seems to have spit on the beauty handed down to us over generations. We sip gigantic beverages and throw oodles of cables out because they don't fit our newest upgrade phone. We also stomp too much on others. We judge out of envy; hate for no reason. Is this evolution or regression?

We have even more power than the moon, even the sun. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? The tiniest ripple roars through the universe. It may be unheard, but it's making a change. Every paper we pick up in the park does change the world. The chemicals we toss into the rivers and oceans kill the resources we need, we're just turning our backs. The benefit of doubt we give the person who cuts us off (yes, that's a hard one) could shake the world free of pain and suffering. Why not think big? Why not know we are in control of the time in front of us.

The paradox of feeling powerless and full of potential for change racks my brain and slap my soul silly. The moon's pull over me won't sway me - going to rise above it and become a citizen for change with every wave of energy created. My actions will reach my children, perhaps they're the ones that will get it done.


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