Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Plastic Surgeon Knows For Sure

If you could afford it, would you do it? For me, it's not a real question since money will always be an issue, but let's make believe that you had all the money in the world. Come on, indulge the dream for just a minute and while you're at it, consider that face that greeted you in the bathroom mirror this morning.

Puffy? Sad? Exhausted? Wrinkled?
All of the above?

How about a little botox to smooth out those frown lines?  Maybe a tiny bit of collagen, just enough to flesh out those thinning lips? A pick-me-up for those sagging eyelids?

Or maybe you're more courageous. Forget the tweaking and go for the full monty. Cheek implants? Brow Lift? Pouty Lips? Just think, you could even shore up that sagging jawline.

What ever happened to aging gracefully with what Mother Nature gave you? Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not everyone ages gracefully. Just like everything else in life, there's no guarantee.

You could start out a beauty queen and end up looking like Yoda!

My fear is waking up looking like an entirely different person, a younger person, but not me! That would be a nightmare! Or like some botched surgeries I've seen, having a permanent look of surprise on your face, or when your skin looks two sizes too small for your face, or that someone made your pigtails way too tight. Remember, there's no do-overs here.

Let's say everything turns out perfect. You and Susan Lucci are the poster children for cosmetic surgery. Now you have the issue of maintenance. Do plastic surgeons give discounts for "be-backers?"

Because once you start...

On second thought, Yoda just might clean up real nice.




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