Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Some people say that if you wait and you’re patient, you can recover from anything. There’s that old adage that time heals all wounds. But sometimes I do wonder about the truth in that statement. Does time heal all wounds?

I must know at least five people who either have PTSD or whose husbands/brothers/grandfathers suffer from it. PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is something that someone can get after seeing or living through a dangerous event.  You can get PTSD at any age. Most people think of war veterans when they think about PTSD, but this also includes survivors of physical and sexual abuse, accidents, natural disasters, and other serious events. Someone may event get PTSD after a friend or family member experiences danger, gets harmed, or suddenly and unexpectedly dies. One might argue that with time, those who suffer from PTSD will recover, but it really takes more than just time. Someone who suffers from something truly traumatic can’t just wait it out and hope to recover. - Read more at

Embracing the Spectrum


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