Does Weight Loss Reduce Osteoarthritis Knee Pain?

'Weight loss', 'arthritis', 'knee pain', etc. are the words that are searched a lot on net. These words have a connection with each other also. If you are obese and have arthritis problem, then losing weight will help to reduce pain from knee.

In a recent study done on people suffering from Osteoarthritis and are obese, it stated that if a person loses 10% of this body weight, then it helps to reduce the knee pain. It makes them to walk freely and improve the joint mobility.

On an average there are 250 million people worldwide who have knee osteoarthritis.  When a person is obese it increases the chances of worsening the Osteoarthritis condition. In Osteoarthritis the mobility of joints is decreased because the cartilage of joints starts to breakdown, resulting in rubbing of joints. When you are obese the pain, stiffness and inflammation due to Osteoarthritis also diminishes the quality of life.

The one body pathway is already blocked due to Osteoarthritis and if you don't want to block your other pathway due to obesity, you must lose weight.

In a study conducted by some researcher on the people having Osteoarthritis and are obese. In that research they divided these people in 3 groups. The first group were said to follow diet and exercise. The second group only said to follow diet and no exercise and the third or the last group were said to follow only exercise and no diet.

The result of this study which was already expected was shown in the study. The 3rd group people were commonly having Osteoarthritis and are obese, but the first group condition had improved. They had shown great weight loss, due to which their knee pain was minimized. The second group which was following only diet, has lost less weight than the first and the last one had lost less than the second one.

The first group people had also shown improvement in the ability of walking and have reduced inflammation and rubbing. The joints now don't have that much load due to obesity. The research said more weight lost, the greater the chances of improvements.

This study also mentioned that they are not trying to say that you lose weight and you can improve your Osteoarthritis condition by skipping the medication what your doctor had advised you. This study doesn't claim that you replace your medication with following proper diet and exercise. It is just a ray of hope to accelerate your improvement process. Just they want to say that if you lose some excess weight it will improve the physical activity and can help you out to fight Osteoarthritis.

Finally few points to summarize over here:

* Osteoarthritis is said to be a degenerative arthritis.
* It mainly affects the weight bearing joint, as cartilage are highly damaged.
* The common symptoms of osteoarthritis are :
- Soreness
- Stiffness
- Pain
- Tenderness
- Locking
* Treatment of Osteoarthritis must include the combination of diet, exercise and medicine.
* Just one thing more, if obese people try to lose some weight they can improve their condition.