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{Editor's Note: I've been blogging since 2003 and I love coming across new tips on the topic. If you have a craft or DIY blog, here is a creative way to find your site's vision, as well as add in some creativity. Enjoy! - Kathy }


On Saturday, Aug 6th, at 1:30pm, I'll be leading a session at BlogHer '11 called Create A Vision Board For Your Blog. If you plan to attend the session, read on for a preview of what we'll talk about and how you can prepare ahead of time to make the most of the session. If you don't plan to attend, read on for some tips on how you can create a vision for your blog - and why it's important to do so.


"My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things."  Bill Gates

Focus. It's a loaded word. You need to have a focus. You need to focus more. Focus on the present. Focus on the end goal. But the time I get done thinking about focusing, I can't focus at all.

That's where a vision board comes in handy. A vision board is a visual representation of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. Traditionally it's used for personal development to help you clarify your goals and dreams and turn them into reality. The concept is simple: create a collage of images and words that represent your goals and hang it where you'll see it every day - all day long if possible. Seeing that visual of your goals helps you focus on what you are doing now and what needs to be done to succeed.

One day, as I bounced around idea after idea about where I wanted to go with my blogging, I decided to take the concept of a vision board to the blogging realm.

Your first step is to identify who you are. What is your blog about? What is your niche?
What do you want to achieve? This isn't about your goals, it's about you. Are you going to entertain your readers with humor? Or inform them about the latest news on a topic?

The second step is to lay out your blogging goals. Don't worry about defining one ultimate dream. Vision boards are frequently revised, so you can choose to start with smaller goals (write more often, improve your blog design, get more traffic) or you can go with big dreams (become a brand ambassador, achieve a monetary goal, become a blog personality). You can even make a flow chart that represents your movement from the small goals to the big ones.

Now you're ready to create a vision for blogging success.

While a vision board can be created digitally and kept in a file on your computer, I encourage you to step away from technology and work with your hands, your head and your heart. Find images and words that represent your blog and your goals. Collect a bunch of magazines. If you have some specfic images and words in mind, print them out. Then cut everything up into shapes and get creative! Glue your images and words on paper, poster board, or even a canvas if you're crafty like that. At the BlogHer conference session, I will have magazines, scissors, glue and paper to help you get started on your blogging vision board, but I highly recommend you print and/or collect some special images at home and bring them with you!

While we're creating our vision boards, we'll discuss our blog goals and share some tips for success. We'll all be on different paths and at different blogging stages, so there should be plenty of great advice and conversation as we cut and paste our visions!

Note: This conference session is extended from 1:30pm - 4pm to give people time to create. Feel free to pop in any time and join us!

Shannon Entin
The Discipline Project


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