Does Your Family Wear Christmas Jammies?

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I have a thing for Christmas jammies. I start looking for the new ones every year on October 1. Yes, the first of October. When the Christmas tree finally goes up two months later, I wrap up the special pajamas and place them under the tree with a tag that says, "To Be Opened on Christmas Eve!" As of yet, at ages six- and eight-years-old, they still haven't quite caught on that the Christmas Eve present is always Christmas jammies. Maybe this will be the year -- or maybe they're just really good at feigning surprise and excitement about red and green colored cotton.

As you might guess due to my fondness of Christmas jammies, I adore the Christmas Jammies video now going viral from the Holderness Family, fathered by Penn Holderness. Trust me, you've got to watch this one.

Don't you want to clean-rap about Christmas jammies now, too?!

Rapping Christmas card video aside, it brings up the question: Does your family "do" Christmas jammies? If it is part of your family's holiday tradition, do you wear them all season, or are they a Christmas Eve special gift? Does everyone get special jammies or just the kiddos?

Up until this year, we've just given the boys matching Christmas jammies.

Does Your Family Wear Christmas Jammies?

My husband gave me fake attitude about never getting a Christmas Eve present, so this year he'll be unwrapping a Griswold shirt so he can join in the festive fun. (Note: I went with the clean version due to our kids' ages, but in a few years? I want the full rant shirt. Hallelujah!)

Now? I want to hear about and see your Christmas pajama traditions. (Or, make a video rapping about them, because "these are Christmas jammies.") Go!


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