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Yes, I like food.  I love experimenting with recipes and I actually like to cook… most of the time.  Sometimes, I just am too tired, too uninspired or just too busy to get all creative and put out a fabulous meal.  But, when we’re at home I do try to put out a healthy meal.  Last night my eldest was playing clarinet in his school band concert, so we had limited time.   I served a rotisserie chicken I purchased hot at my local supermarket; served it with a big but plain salad and string beans.  The kids get enough carbs so I skipped any starch.  (I could’ve just heated up a bag of frozen brown rice but I just didn’t feel like it.)

If you aren’t a great cook or not really in the mood to cook, but want to get away from the boxed meals

here are some tips:

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My Kids Really Eat This ...and yours can too!

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