Naming the Dog: What's Your Method?

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I have named, or helped name, a lot of dogs and my life and I've never considered any of the things suggested in The Art of Naming a Dog. I'm a little surprised they didn't mention things like Scrabble name scores because they've covered pretty much every other naming issue possible. Sheesh, how silly.

When we adopted Skeeter, her name was "Scottie" -- a nice enough name but it didn't really suit her, or us. We tossed around names, as we drove her home, none of which seemed right. We talked about her obvious traits -- beagle/coonhound = southern redneck dog. "Can't you just see her lounging on the front porch of a Florida cracker house? Or an old southern colonial?" She needed a purely southern name and from there it wasn't long before we landed on the perfect name for her, and for us.

This is Skeeter Bess (or just Skeeter)

You'll notice we didn't use any of the techniques mentioned in that NY Times article to name Skeeter and I'm good with that. But, that did leave me wondering how other people chose names for their dogs -- so I decided to ask.

A whole lot of folks from the BlogHer community have adopted dogs and puppies over the last year, so I buzzed a handful and asked them how they chose the name for their new pups. Oddly enough, none of them seemed to use the ideas mentioned in that NY Times article. Maybe we're all doing it wrong? I don't know -- these dogs seem to have the perfect names, if you ask me.

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