CSI for Doggy Doo: Now You Can Use DNA to Nail Your Neighbors

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Sick of stepping in the dog waste of your neighbors' pets? Want to track down the perpetrators and hold them responsible for your stinky shoes?

The inevitable moment has come where technology and pet waste have collided. Even the most dog-loving among us – maybe especially those of us who love our puppies – cannot stand when a dog's human companion does not clean up their pet's waste.

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For those of us who pride ourselves on being good dog people, it is the utmost insult and, frankly, gross-out, to step in someone else's irresponsibility. These dogs are our children. We are the kinds of people who have dog insurance. Our puppies sleep in soft dog beds placed lovingly on top of our beds. We take advantage of the many dog grooming options available. We take pride in our pooches. And we clean up their poop!

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Pamela Cytrynbaum

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