How Adopting a Dog Changed Our Life

I’ve been around dogs my whole life. My dad races sled dogs, so we had 15-20 dogs or more for most of my childhood, but they weren’t pets. Family and friends had dogs, so I certainly wasn’t a stranger to them. But until two years ago, I had never had a pet dog of my own. Then, in July 2013, Dave and decided to adopt a dog. We had recently graduated college, gotten engaged, and moved into a new apartment. Dave had a new job, but I hadn’t found one yet....more

No Cat Yet

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Giving the Gift of a Good Death to a Good Friend

Today I had the honor to stand by the deathbed of a dear and loyal friend.  Today I had the privilege of being with him to ease him out of this life.  And today I also had the responsibility of deciding that it was time for that life to end.Today we put our dog to sleep....more

Bentley's Corner: American Journey

Bentley and Lambo hope that you all had a fantastic July 4th weekend! They loved playing with all of our friends at our Fourth of July BBQ! Once the party was over, they held their own private celebration and checked out Chewy’s new product line, American Journey....more

Buying the Right to Make a Correction.

 She’s Tomboy. I don’t write about her often enough; she’s a little more serious than my corgi men. She’s a Briard, a French herding breed that has a very protective side....more

Biting the hand that feeds you

Our family cat is 15 years old. She has been "retired" for the last five years and is no longer required to kill any bugs that creep into our home. She enjoys a life of relaxation, attention on her terms and pampered quiet....more

Puppies Are Jerks. Adopt an Older Dog!

Since I was a child, I've always had a dog. So when my childhood dog passed away, I have always wanted another companion to keep me company. Having a dog is a true commitment, both financially and time-wise. ...more
Thanks for sharing the beauty of an older pet.  i would also add that adopting a dog that has ...more

One Dog, Or Two?

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Are Dogs & Kids Just Mirrors of Our Own Energy?

So... my boyfriend has been insisting that we get a shock collar for the love of my life. (No way. Ever. Not gonna happen.) When I went searching for kinder options, I was floored to find myself looking in the mirror.I should preface this blog by saying: I don't have kids. Unless you count my three pups, which I do. Let me introduce you:...more

Canine Obesity - What You Need to Know

Canine obesity is a serious problem affecting an estimated 54% of all dogs and cats in the U.S.Research suggests that as little as 5 lbs. can put your dog at risk for serious medical conditions. (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention)Think about this-...more