Buddy is so HAPPY that we ar finished cleaning his teeth!! ME TOO!

WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/-dWty32o-N0This is video two of me cleaning his teeth... he is SO happy when we are finished!  He actually seems happy!{{So, my Buddy has really bad teeth issues...  He gets so much plaque in about three months time.  I personally can not afford to get his teeth cleaned every three months, so I decided to try cleaning his teeth myself.I bought this one.. its under $10 and like it better than the $20 set I boughtBUY ME HERE   http://amzn.to/2jkuajb...more

Whats your winter wear for your dog? Bud's wearing pink socks with treads right now...

Watch our video here: https://youtu.be/Cjg-_bXsOvQ Its so funny how much my dog loves to watch TV!  I sit here working on my computer and I look over at him and he is watching the television. He knows when commercials have Doggo's in them and he is sucked in.What's really funny is my parents have a 60 inch TV and Buddy seems to go nuts when there are dogs on the huge screen!...more

Know the Major Facts of Food Consumption of Dogs

One of the advantages of using raspberries as a treatment for dogs is the lack of want for practice unlike some different culmination and greens, and there’s no work for preparation is required in making raspberries a suitable dish to your dog. Always everyone has a doubt of Can Dogs Eat Raspberries? They are able to eat the berries uncooked and complete, much like you. You don’t want to worry about pesky peels or hidden poisonous pits. Although, before you provide raspberries on your canine, make certain you wash them very well. In no way feed your canine unwashed produce....more

The Crappiest Time of Day

Without a doubt, 4:45-6:45 PM is the crappiest time of day. This is not a feeling, it is a fact. I have never, in all of the time that I have lived in the South Bay, departed my doorstep during these exact hours without encountering hordes of humanity carrying tiny little totes of turd. ...more

on meeting strangers

The weather in Houston this past weekend was...weird. Weird in that it wasn't 105 degrees with 90% humidity. It was 89 degrees with 45% humidity which is what I can only imagine Antarctica must feel like.  But really, it was cold for a Houston summer day....more

Furry Finches

Hello there! My name is Michelle: therapist-in-training by day, blogger by night. I’ve created Furry Finches to share my experiences of being a mid-20’s debt-free hopeful. My goal is to provide insight into the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along my way to help me achieve my goals....more

Rocky's Story - The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

I must confess that when we adopted Rocky, he would not have been my first choice of a second dog. A 13-year-old Lab with irreversible nerve damage in his rear legs was a challenge that we were not sure we could handle or afford. We were not even looking for another permanent dog, as our little house was full. We already had Roma, our wild and wacky 5-year-old yellow Labby girl, as well as usually having a foster dog to care for....more

Is a Poochon the most hypoallergenic dog in the world? If you have allergies but want a dog then read on!…

 My husband has allergies. Lots of them. In fact if it has feathers or fur then he is allergic to it. And he has asthma!But here’s the thing. We REALLY wanted a dog. So first we did some research and came up with a shortlist of pure and cross breeds that were known for their hypoallergenic properties…....more
Hi Thank you so much for your article.  I am the same as your husband in that simply walking ...more

Obituary for a Good Dog

Tiburon Precious Castello Dunn died on February 21, 2016. She was approximately twelve years old, although little is known about her early life. She was found pregnant and sickly in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2006. She was brought to the CASPCA, where she was adopted by a pregnant volunteer named Rachel and her skeptical husband, Kevin. The SPCA staff had named her "Precious", but upon adoption her name was changed to "Tiburon"....more

Fishy fancies to keep your dogs tail wagging

When this little face wakes you up every morning you’d do anything to make her happy. Meet Tia, my 10 year old rather grumpy Shih Tzu!Tia has over the last three years battled with many conditions including polyarthritis and spinal disc disease and illnesses caused by the treatment of her original condition. So, in order to keep her occupied during her recovery we’ve had to get creative with her favourite thing .... food!...more