Release That Inner "Arteest" In Your Pet

Before Baylie came onto the scene, my house was decorated in the style in which I prefer.  It wasn't long before I noticed the differences in our taste of decor.  I like everything neat and tidy.  Baylie likes that lived-in look....more

Shelter Dogs of the Week: Amber and Harley

Who can resist Amber's smile? Amber is a young, active dog that was rescued as a stray in Colorado. She is a mixed breed—probably some Boxer and Cattle Dog. Whatever she is, Amber is very friendly and loves everyone. She is young and will need plenty of exercise and some training. She would be the perfect hiking pal and a joy to her forever family....more
 @Denise So true! And they are sweethearts too! With a little training they will be the perfect ...more

Letting Maisy go was hard

I feel like there are no words to properly say this. And there’s a part of me that would just like to never say it. But that wouldn’t be fair to Maisy because she was such an amazing part of my life....more

An Imperfect-Perfect Love


Is Crate Training Cruel?

Earlier in the week, this Facebook post showed up on my timeline from an eco-lifestyle website : “Crate training is cruel. How did you break your dog(s)?” I reread it. Yup, I did read it correctly.  My blood started to boil, because my initial thought was that this was posted by someone just trying to create controversy, get people talking and likely didn’t even own a dog....more
My dog was adopted and the easiest solution to get her adjusted to her surroundings was to crate ...more

Ever Wonder Why Yawns Are Contagious?

When is a yawn just a yawn? When is a yawn more than a yawn? Contagious yawning -- the increase in likelihood that you will yawn after watching or hearing someone else yawn -- has been of particular interest to researchers in many fields. In this post, we'll explore different studies and conclusions. ...more
@afmarcom ;) Sometime have to mix it with fun psychology posts! Have a great day...more

Rihanna's Dog "Minxed"

The latest trend in manicures and pedicures is the minx manicure. It is a process where pictures and patterns are painted onto fingernails and toenails thereby instantly transforming ordinary fingers and toes into works of art....more

puppy love


New App Helps You Identify Potential Pet Poisons

Is your new puppy eating almost EVERY thing it sees? Dogs and cats are naturally curious. Puppies (and grown-up dogs) eat things that look harmless, but are toxic. The Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 animal poison control center based in Minneapolis, MN, answers over 100,000 calls a year regarding pet poisonings....more

Farm Friday - Rat Training

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home ...more