Adopting a Shelter Dog

Back in August, I had the pleasure of helping organize the BlogHer ’12 Pet Fashion Show, partnering with PetSmart and the ASPCA. The best part of the experience was seeing all the cute pups that participated and hearing their adoption stories (which you can read more about in my recap post)....more
I love coming across reading other people's joy of adopting animals from shelters. My family ...more

Dobermans: great photo models

Dobermans make beautiful photo models.  They stand quietly and gracefully, alert about everything that's going on around them, and yet calm and peaceful.  They are naturally beautiful dogs, and their personality makes it easy to reflect their beauty on the photographs.  Starting today, 2nd day of NaBloPoMo, I will be regularly posting photos of my 2 dogs. Only the photos that I find worth sharing: beautiful, funny, or otherwise interesting. ...more

Life with A Snugglebug. Another New First.


Poopmageddon 2012

Though we've been here for a few weeks now, I'm still adjusting to our new way of life, where mosquitoes grow to the size of rabid raccoons and pizza delivery is this cool thing that city folk do. On a few occasions, our pugs have ventured to the bordering farmer's field adjacent to the property. One evening a few days ago, I shared my concerns with my husband Dan, that the farmer next door would shoot one of the dogs wandering on his property. His response: "Jen, we're in southern New Jersey. It's 2012. No one is going to shoot the dogs."...more

Pick The Funniest Halloween Costumes For Pets!

Halloween is right around the corner, so this week's poll is going to be a bit more lighthearted. Are you wearing a costume this year, or just finding creative outfits for the little ones? It's becoming increasingly popular to dress the family dog in an outfit for Halloween, so we're going to let you pick the funniest one from the list below. I always like to keep some dog biscuits handy along with the candy, in case there are canine trick-or-treaters as well as kids coming to the door....more
I picked underdog just cause I want the underdog to win ;-) and cause I loved that cartoon as a ...more

What a Difference a Week Makes

 All snuggled in her coat ready for a walk in the dog stroller...more

Dear Dog Whisperer, You're Not Really Whispering

I didn't think it was possible. I thought -- surely -- nothing was more annoying, aggravating, eye-roll inducing than unsolicited parenting advice. I've been the recipient of so much of it over the years that I've learned to tune most of it out, but sometimes I still have to remind myself not to punch random "you should do it this way, honey" advice-givers in the face. But it turns out there's something slightly more annoying that unsolicited parenting advice. It's unsolicited dog advice. ...more
Oh my! Absolutely adorable! And yes, you're doing a wonderful job.  Callie will come to ...more

Autumn and Indoor Sports.

 It is autumn now. I should be writing poetic blogs about geese on the wing, abundant golden harvests, or maybe a symbolic essay about the seasons of life. I’m not in the mood....more