April the Athlete

During my recreational racing "off-season", I've had to find ways to stay in shape without being able to swim, bike or run.  Well, my husband and I have a dog.  Her name is April.  ...more

Paranormal? Hmm. . . You Be The Judge

Weirdness. My husband and I ride home from work together everyday. When we pull into the driveway our dog Izzy always greets us at the back gate, barking her excited welcome home. Then she runs in the house through her doggy door and meets us at the front door where she jumps and twirls and barks and jumps and twirls some more. I truly believe that when we leave in the morning she thinks we won't come back. So when we DO come back she is thrilled and so relieved! This happens every single day. Except today. Today we pulled into the driveway and Izzy wasn't there....more
I never watch those shows for that exact reason! I never sleep a wink until the next week.more

My Darling Rescue

Both of my dogs are rescues.  As anyone with a rescue knows, they come with their own set of quirks!  Here lately, Max's have been in the forefront....more

Here's a Box

My dog brings me things.  I've written before about this particular fetish   Previously he was universal in his interests....more
@Jane Miller Now we are onto something! I hope you are having a great trip!more

To My Dogs, One And All, With Love

http://mulish.typepad.com ...more

P.L.A.Y. Designed for Pets, People and Planet

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You)takes pets, their humans, the planet and the notion of design very seriously. In other words, P.L.A.Y. designs pet beds that are incredibly comfortable (for pets), that look great and are highly durable and washable (for humans) and that are made from post-consumer recycled product (for the planet). P.L.A.Y. pet beds are completely unique in so many ways. The company is committed to doing its part in helping the environment. The P.L.A.Y. beds are filled with Planer Fill™ polyfiber which is made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles....more

The Writing Life

On the first day of Christmas my Emergency Animal Hospital gave to me, an outrageously expensive Vet-er-in-ary Bill. It was for Peaches our poodle. She has bounced back, regained her appetite, and yesterday wanted to eat everything in sight. Yea! Good sign.   Around here? Oh yes, it’colder that it ought to be. I ask the weather, “This is southern California, why are you so cold?” It laughs at me....more

Is That a Purebred?

I get this question from time to time when I’m out and about with Freya – our adopted German Shepherd. I wrote about her arrival from a kill-shelter in Alabama at my personal blog last year, but thought it might be time for a follow-up, now that she’s been with us for just over a year....more
Thanks! They're such wonderful dogs - many are wonderful family dogs as well, which is another ...more

Sunday Social - Cindy

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Next one down on my siggy line...Anne, Wife of Fred for 23 yearsMom of:Patrick (16)James (16)Rosie (13)Bella(14)Julie (13)Daniel (12)My children around the world:Milly in TaiwanEun Hae in South KoreaFelice in Hong KongNadya in GermanyObrin in New YorkAnd our critters Blue, Sunny, Cindy-Lou, Annabelle, Fiona, and Sophie; Mamfy, Mali and Punkin; Nick; Frog 1 and Horny Toad; Charlie and Dizzy; Minnie a...more

The First Day of December. Outside With The Dogs.

December 1st:  http://dld.bz/a4ewM...more