NaBloPoMo Day 4: Filling in the Details

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A Morning With Barney: King of the Couch

I write quite a few animal stories on my blog because they contain some of the more humorous situations I experience on the job. Small town policing is different from city law enforcement. We handle just about everything thrown our way including animal control.I'm the nature lover at the department and when I see coyotes, owls, rabbits and even snakes while patrolling, I'm in awe. Their incredible beauty is a gift....more
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My Dogs Are Finally Housetrained

I was a little late writing this essay -- I meant to do it a week ago, but was in the middle of moving from one apartment to another. The reason we were moving was because our apartment had become Manhattan’s answer to the Amityville Horror. It wasn’t haunted by poltergeists or ghosts, but instead by extremely bad plumbing and the occasional rat riding the elevator. Also, there was no gas, going on for some seven months, and there were drug dealers on the fourth and eighth floors. Though the walls hadn’t actually bled, we’d seen blood on them, as well as on the floors and in the elevator -- some sort of “stabbing incident” was the explanation we got. ...more
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     The past few days I've shied away from this place. It's too honest and open and honestly- I just wanted to be closed. Talking about what had happened would have made me relive it and that wasn't something I was ready to do. It's okay to hide for a while. Just not forever. Or even too long. And so, I'm back. Writing, the way I should be. Ready to be honest and open once again....more

"Miracle Dog" Stirs Adoption Interest, But What About the Others?

Many of you might be familiar with Daniel, a beagle mix dubbed the "Miracle Dog." If you're not, he's the dog who survived an Alabama gas chamber early last month and was shipped up to New Jersey where those at the nonprofit Eleventh Hour Rescue are trying to find him a home. Daniel has garnered international attention from the media, as well as the general public. His story has appeared on more websites and news stations than I can count. So, has the fact that hundreds of people want to adopt him. ...more

Love At First Bark: It's a Dog's Life

In this slim volume, Klam tells the story of some of the dogs she has loved. She is a big-hearted dog rescuer living in New York city. And in each chapter, she introduces a dog she has loved. Klam shares her apartment with three, sometimes four dogs. Her heart goes out to dogs with special needs, desperate cases that might not find a home somewhere else. A trip to New Orleans with her husband was, in large part, a mission to help rescue a feral dog with a jar stuck on its head. (They ate beignets and heard music in the city too, but the trip was largely about the dog.)...more

Dogs Bark and Doors Yellow

I have a large dog.  Sometimes he barks.  Go figure.  He's a dog.  I also moved last year.  Nicer house, nicer neighbourhood, fenced yard for said dog.  Worse neighbours.  At the old place, my neighbours were  nosey.  John was an army vet who lived across the street.  He used to tell me what time I got home if I had been out late the night before.  Two houses down Bev lived, an air force vet...more
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I Never Expected to Be a Repo Man

I did a quick drive a few minutes ago to a dog adopter's house not far from mine. I remembered seeing the dog, a Yorkie-ish little thing, and the woman who wanted to adopt her at the adoption event. All I know is that her check for the adoption bounced, and she did not return calls or e-mails regarding it. So for the second time this weekend, I did a stand-on-the-doorstep-and-demand-money gig.I never expected to be a repo man....more

"I'm More In the Herding Category Myself"

I was kvetching about the intensity level of my Parson Russell Terrier mix to a woman at the dog park. "I'm just not a Terrier person. I'm more of a Shepherd person, " I said to her.I was just thinking that it was a bit odd that I should describe myself in terms of dog breeds when the woman replied: "Oh, I know what you mean. I couldn't handle a Jack Russell. I'm more in the herding category myself."Regards,Katharine...more

Hope and Love in Julie Klam's Love at First Bark

Julie Klam's Love at First Bark: How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself is yes, about rescuing dogs -- but it's really about more than that. It's a book about hope and love. It's about hoping that we can change a life and the love we find when we try -- even when that life is attached to a four legs. ...more
It's funny how the dogs in our lives - even those that are with us for a very brief period of ...more